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FSMN Online Stores for Ecommerce & Order Management

If you and/or your organizations’ associates are not ordering through an online store today that is ok, we still meet with customers in person and answer on the phone every day!

However, if you are ready, getting your organization’ print, promotional, uniform, and other apparel products online for ordering is not difficult. And with FSMN and it’s sister company, Lakeside Promotions, 25+ years of online order processing and technology experience we can help you every step of the way.

FSMN Online Store Benefits:

  • Stability. FSMN’s Online Stores are a cloud-based solution that provides a very reliable, scalable, and secure storefront that is used by over 15,000 businesses of all types and sizes, including half the Fortune 500 companies

  • Compliance and Security. FSMN’s Online Stores have averaged 99.99% uptime over the last 10 years and has a high-level of compliance (PCI, SOC2, GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act & HIPAA) with security unmatched in the print, promotional and apparel industry

  • All Products. Whether your print, promotional and apparel products are on-demand, just-in-time, and/or inventoried can all be ordered through FSMN’s Online Stores

  • Web-to-Print. FSMN’s Online Stores allow users to access templates to design, proof, and order online

  • Integrated Order Management Workflows. We integrate your order from online store to on-demand production or warehouse to the shipping dock

  • Real-time Inventory. Real-time inventory for those associates that need to see inventory

  • Online Reporting. View online reports to track usage and turn rates

  • Advanced Technology. Depending on your needs and requirements; FSMN provides an API first order management and ecommerce platform and services called a Private B2B Marketplace or PBM. Like Amazon, a public marketplace, our PBM and it’s associated services, helps aggregate an organization’s demand and their existing complex supply chains using modern, scalable technology to automate as many processes as possible from order to delivery. The benefit is it reduces inefficiencies, ensures compliance, and decreases cost

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